The Elbow Heard Around The Basketball World

23 Apr

As many basketball fans already know Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest had a sick dunk yesterday against the Thunder but the dunk was overshadowed by Artest’s brutish celebration, which ended in James Harden on the floor.  I don’t feel the need to explain exactly what happened, just watch the video and put together your own opinion.


My thoughts without seeing the replay live, accidental collision.  My thoughts after the replay, oh Ron… no… no.   Now let me be clear after Artest’s crazed early years in the NBA (Pat Riely to Malice at the Palace)  he’s done an admirable job of seeking help and recreating himself.  But when it comes down to it, Metta World Peace is Ron Artest.  He’s a strong man with little control of his emotions (he used to have ZERO control).  Him swinging that elbow to clear out James Harden (one of my favorite players) is any other player pushing someone out of the way because they’re pumped up.

Again, I’m not condoning it and I think Artest should get around 6-10 games but I don’t think it was meant to concuss Harden.  I hated that elbow because it was a regression for Artest and it quickly covered up the spectacular jam he just had.    Let’s just all remember, he is Ron Artest, he’s never going to be a stable person.  It was intentional and disgusting but at the same time he didn’t mean it to be that bad.  To conclude: that elbow was atrocious.  That’s my main point but keep in mind the other things I said.


Redskins 7 Round Mock Draft

22 Apr

I’m back officially and since the NFL draft is just a few days away, I felt that I should take mostly uneducated guesses about what the Redskins will do with all of their picks.

With the 2nd overall pick,

Photo by Ronald Martinez

Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor: No surprise here, the Colts have already said they will take Andrew Luck (.01% this is a smokescreen).  Mike Shanahan is more than happy to get RG3 because he will be able to develop him quickly and also he is a perfect fit for the offense (sorry Donny).  

With the 69th overall pick,
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I’m Back

18 Apr

Well… maybe… hopefully.  I’ll try to write about some stuff sooner or later.  Maybe tonight?

Redskins Offseason Plans

12 Jul

Editor’s Note: These are the opinions/hopes/dreams of the writer. 

Hi, I’m abroad and haven’t had much time for the blog but I have some free time today so I decided to throw this post together on account of the prediction that the lockout has a chance at ending July 21st.

Positions of need: QB, WR, OL, NT, DE, CB

QB: In all likelihood there won’t be any upgrade. John Beck has been rumored to be the starter…

John Beck playing in last years preseason finale (John McDonnell-The Washington Post)

WR: I would love to see Santana Moss resigned and there seems to be mutual desire on both sides to get a deal done.  Currently there is no one on the roster (sadly), including Santana, who is a real number one wide out.  The third round addition of the U’s Leonard Hankerson was a great move and I am a big Anthony Armstrong fan but a number one still needs to be found.

Now this may not sit well with Redskins fans but here’s the addition of Braylon Edwards: a physical, big, number one WR.  He has been immature in the past but I still remember in playoffs when he talked about hearing from Dennis Byrd and how it inspired him.  He didn’t have the greatest game of his life by any means but his TD against the Pats showed that he wanted it more than anyone:  

ESPN’s John Clayton on free agent Braylon Edwards: “Watch for Washington to make a big bid.”

I will say that I am a little bit reserved because I don’t want to do that classic Redskins move and overpay him. Nevertheless he’s the signing at WR. Okay, fine, maybe I’m sipping a little Koolaid…

OL: First things first, the Redskins lockup Jammal Brown to be a mainstay at RT.  The other signing is at guard, Davin Joseph, still only 27 and would be a good fit for the team.  His contract would be somewhere between 5-8 million dollars a year which is definitely reasonable.

Will the Redskins be able to pry him away from Tampa Bay? (Photo via

NT/DE: I would love to say that we get NT Aubrayo Franklin but my signing is the (future) former Green Bay Packers DE, Cullen Jenkins.  He seems like a no-brainer to me because Jim Haslett is a fan of throwing out unconventional looks and Jenkins fits perfectly with that.  And on top of that, according to the Washington Post, the Skins and Jenkins share “mutual interest.”

"#BOIII!! I just scored a big fat contract" (Photo via

The signing of Jenkins fits nicely because he also can get to the QB, freeing up room for the two-time Pro Bowler Brian Orakpo.  Not to mention it will also make it easier for rookie Ryan Kerrigan, who will have to transition to OLB.  Again, though, the key to this whole offseason is not to overpay.

CB: Here’s where it gets fun.  Even though the best corner (along with Revis) is on the market, Nnamdi Asomugha, I don’t think the Skins get him.  Not because they don’t pursue him and offer him a Fat Albert sized contract but because he decides to go elsewhere.

"YES! I'm even richer!!"

So, after failing to get Nnamdi the Redskins still manage to have enough time to call up Jonathan Joseph and get him signed to a nice contract. Also the fact that he is only 27 while Nnamdi is 30 is a plus.  See? Not all my picks are the biggest names. But… if Nnamdi does sign with the Redskins… I can already taste the Koolaid I’ll be drinking.

JJ and DHall would fit nicely together (photo via

Those are the signings, hopefully I didn’t just jinx everything.

The Sadness of Summer Sport Stories, 2011

3 Jul

As I sit outside in Romania, trying to think of a good story, I couldn’t help think that it’s rather depressing that the only marginally interesting topic to write about is baseball.  I’m not the biggest baseball fan by any means but after a long time of finding it abnormally boring (still somewhat do) I have learned to appreciate an inning or two. 

Anyways, this story isn’t about baseball it’s about the brutality of the NFL lockout and of course now the NBA lockout.  I’m very tired because I only got around two or three hours of sleep so I just hope that the talks that I’ve been hearing about the NFL lockout almost ending are true.

The NBA lockout well… I guess we’ll have to hope for the best for a situation that seems hopeless.

NBA Lock Out

30 Jun

David Stern and Adam Silver will have a lot of work ahead of them. (AP Photo)

As many were expecting the NBA is going to end up like the NFL at 12 AM, locked out.  No one was expecting it to get resolved today or even quickly but there is now a growing sense of panic between the owners, players, and most importantly the fans.

“We’re not closer (than at the same time in ’99).” Stern said. “In fact, it worries me that we’re not closer.”

The 1999 lockout was horrible, a 50 game season that began on February 5th ’99 (it was supposed to begin in the November of ’98).  Basketball had trouble bouncing back from that because in addition to the long absence of the sport, it was also Michael Jordan’s second retirement (of three).  The NBA was really in a rut and it took them a while to regain they’re popularity with the average sports fan.

If the lockout does drag on into the season there will be some consternation between the fans and league but it won’t be the same on account of the superstars that the league has right now.

I, for one, hope it doesn’t drag out into the season but hoping is different than believing.  Hey, at least it appears that the NFL lockout is almost over…

By the way, I’m back to my blogging. Expect to see a lot of cool stuff from me in the future, learned a ton from my sportswriting class at American University!

Hello again all!

7 May

I know, I know.  It’s been a very long time since I have posted.  I can’t say that I’m going to start posting regularly YET.  But I have a feeling I’m going to be posting more and more during the summer because I am going to be taking a sportswriting/sports broadcasting class this summer at American University!  Thank you all for sticking with me.  Wish me luck!